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About us

Aveneva Digital C.O. 

It is a strong business in its sector since 2009. Having the opportunity to work with global brands, we export products and services of our registered trademark Madame Brave to different European and foreign countries.Madame Brave and the product concept "Woman" in the field of fashion, from classic to modern,it is a collection of high quality products consisting of lingerie, sexy lingerie, outwear, accessories and other product groups according to the latest technology with a variety of delivery options.As a business associated with digital information technology company Aveneva, we can deliver our products or services to the customers without any trouble.Madame Brave has taken its place as an outstanding market in Turkey and Europe. Feedback from our brand representatives and users is the basis for us to achieve more and move ahead. 

Madame Brave

We are the choice of women who prefer to stay away from boring designs and dress stylishly and chic. Our products are as comfortable and modern as possible in daily life, stylish and sexy. It is the name that has managed to bring style to the sportswear collections. Madame brave has a provocative and feminine side. It is preferred by women who want to emphasize femininity, add bright colors to their lives and evoke emotions in people.

Why our brand ?

The combination of dynamics and harmony under one roof is the main reason for choosing Madame Brave.Products under the Madame Brave brand are based on quality and rich design, you can choose the perfect one by examining our products. 


By raising consumer awareness and raising culture, provide people with quality life, to introduce new designs and become the center of design and quality. 


Increase circulating capital, develop infrastructure, produce and offer appropriate raw materials in accordance with European standards to ensure customer satisfaction, produce high value products to ensure the country's development.


In globalized world of ready-to-wear clothing, fashion driven by global trends ensures cultural diversity, HONESTY, RELIABILITY, BUSINESS ETHICS and DEVELOPMENT are our most important values.