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Affiliate marketing

Many businesses use the Global Affiliate Marketing system. Recently, large enterprises such as Amazon, eBay, THY have been using this method.

Membership in our affiliate program is free of charge. For more information, please visit the FAQ page or see the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions. 


Sales partnership. Digital Marketing is a more advantageous and highly preferred marketing tool in today's technology where you can promote your products or services to electronic media. It is known that it is possible to make money from internet with affiliate marketing which means sales and marketing partnership.

Persons participating in the sales partnership can reach certain audiences through banners and links on various sites and reach other audiences through the reference link of the site to which they have acquired a sales partnership. Read more to see what you can do with affiliate marketing. 

With the emergence of search engines in the mid-1990s, the Internet created a huge explosion as an e-commerce and information machine. Website owners created and benefited valuable content for their visitors, and the site owners wanted to make progress because of their hard work. Earlier types of online advertising, such as CPM (Cost Per Mile) or fixed placement, initially created a competitive environment with more affordable online advertising, such as after-sales partnership. 

Why Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate Marketing is a method of earning money from the internet in its most basic definition. Income is generated by the sale of products belonging to other companies or individuals. The company or person who makes the sale gives the product sales link to the intermediary person and this person earns money from every sale made by sharing the sales link on the internet. 


Affiliate Marketing, which is a sales partnership, is a system based on the principle of sharing the profits obtained from product sales between suppliers and sales partners. Since it is a system based on earnings on both sides, it is simple and preferable. With Affiliate Marketing, you can achieve high profits through many companies in and out of the country.

You can generate revenue by placing the tracking code that you create the products on our site in a place you want on your own website. When any customer from your contacts makes purchases, you earn revenue at the commission rates we set. Our current commission rate is 15%.