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Drop shipping, also referred to as stock-free sales in Turkish It is a business model based on the products reaching the customer from the supplier's store by directing the incoming orders to the supplier company instead of keeping stock. It is especially preferred by entrepreneurs who start e-commerce because it has advantages such as low capital and operating expenses.

As a way of operation, new e-commerce companies, which do not hold inventory, exhibit these products on their e-commerce sites through their suppliers and enable end-users to purchase them. Thus, products that are not kept in stock in the warehouse may be offered for sale and delivered through the warehouse. XML integration by examining the different categories of inventory can also sell products.  

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How can you join our Dropship Program?

Just open an account on our website. Then, contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible. Or you can directly contact with online help. Once approved, we'll mark your account as drop-shipper.