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Franchising and Business

Franchising is a contract-based, directly integrated marketing system. In this system, the concession holder of the brand makes the system and the brand available to independent investors through an agreement covering certain periods, conditions and limits. (Wikipedia)

The main reason why business is recognized as a high-quality business organization and one of the best licensing opportunities is that its success depends largely on the superior qualities of its operators. Of course, the other factor that reinforces this success is the high quality service programs. our business, by developing a business model and operating license by giving the license, under the brand name of our operators and the right to engage in commercial activities.

our business gives the business only to the person himself. This person may not be in financial or other partnership with others. Companies can not give business. 

Since the operator is obliged to devote all his time and power to the operation and management of the enterprise, he cannot be responsible or in charge of other works.

The operator is always at the beginning of his works, he cannot manage remotely.

our business does not grant regional privileges, the license granted is limited only to the business of an enterprise.

The investment cost is between $ 3,000 - $ 10,000 (+ VAT) depending on the type and size of the enterprise.

A 10-year contract is made with the candidate for the operator. The operator pays an initial fee of $ 1,500 + VAT to our company.

During the license period, the operator pays advertising contribution, a certain percentage development fee and name right fee over his monthly net sales.

In line with its growth strategies, our company prioritizes how it will serve across the country and makes investments when a suitable area is found. Investment related to system projects, configuration, design advertisement and determination of team structure is made by our enterprise. Operators make everything investment when they take over the business. This investment may vary depending on the size of the business.

The key features we expect from our operators:

An entrepreneurial spirit and passion for success. 

Extensive experience in human management and financial management.

The desire and possibility to spend all your time and strength for business management.

Not to be associated with military service.

Depending on the participation 3-6 months to complete the training program.

our business, to have the financial opportunities to meet the investments required by the management personally.  


The success of our company depends largely on the superior qualities of its operators. Therefore, our company is very careful about the selection of operators. Applications for a business license start by filling in the “Application Form up and sending it along with your CV on the web page.

Another reason for the success of our company, operators before the license to participate in, to the finest detail of the business culture of our business is the training program. The full-time program lasts 6-8 months depending on attendance and performance. The trainings, which are composed of many phases, are usually carried out in the enterprises, and are supplemented by the trainings given by our head office. During the first two months, basic operation training is provided, and the responsibilities and duties of different managers are taught in the following period. With the passing of the final stage, the trainings are given to the participants with practical training and the program is completed.

During the program, the candidates of the operators participate in a number of seminars and conferences and receive information from the business authorities about the workflow of our business from A to Z. Upon successful completion of this training program, participants can obtain the license of our business.  

The selection process consists of four steps;

Evaluation of the application form, first interview if positive,

Final interview with senior management,

If the previous step is positive for both parties, the next step is proceeded. After the final agreement, the candidate and his / her team start the long training program which will last for 3-6 months.


For more information about franchising, you can contact Franchising at +90 212 771 08 50. Simply fill in the Application Form on our website and send it with your resume.


Thank you again for your interest in our franchising system.