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Postpregnancy Sleepers

Postpartum Slippers can be accompanied by slippers decorated with the same details to the decorated puerperal crowns attached to the hair to look well-groomed to the guests who come to visit at the hospital or home. White color is common in these slippers models, which are named as puerperal slippers, just like the crowns. Details such as tulle and flowers are also specially positioned in slippers. Many companies design and sell these crown-slipper sets for mothers to feel more morale and more well-groomed after birth. The comfort of the slippers and the beauty of the crowns should be at the forefront during the selection of the sets.
Brand: Bone Club
Postpartum Women İs İndispensable İn Lohusa Crown Slippers Team, Stands Out Against The Baby'S Gender Or The Color You Can Choose According To Your Taste. Rose And Crown Slippers Designed With Lace Lohusa Team, Maternity Pajamas Or Nightgown Team That Made The Choice To Combine With The Elegance You..
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