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Encer  influencer ” – “influencer "is the person. Influencer Marketing, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram people with high number of followers in the social media channels to transfer their experiences about a product or brand to their followers through the content. this has led to a rapid increase in phenomena in social media.

Influencer Marketing What does it mean?

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that increases the awareness of a brand or product through word of mouth. In other words, it is the promotion of your brand by people who have had a phenomenon in social media. Especially today, the importance of social media has increased so much that customers are greatly influenced by the opinions of third parties in the decision making process.

So why should we use this marketing technique? The answer is simple: with this method, you can increase your brand awareness, the number of potential customers and the income you get from digital marketing in an instant. Once you find the right Influencer, your brand can reach the right customers. In addition, traditional advertising applications are gradually losing effect, and users no longer care about them. According to the research, 89% of marketers will use influencer marketing technique at least once in 2019.

With this method, you can both increase the reliability of your brand and see the results of your digital marketing strategy more quickly. 

Within the influencer plan, we give 15% (by calculating on turnover).