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Men's dressing gown, which will be worn at home, has been translated from French as Röpeşambır. Generally, men's dressing gowns, which are bought for men in dowry products, are produced from light fabrics and sold in sets with pajamas. In addition to the satin men's pajama sets, satin is added to the dowry as a dressing gown in line with the colors. The fabrics used in men's dressing gown models may vary according to the season. In summer, satin dressing gowns, silk dressing gowns, cotton dressing gowns are used, while in winter, velvet dressing gowns, woolen dressing gowns and men's fleece dressing gowns are used. Men's dressing gowns, which resemble a bathrobe in shape, generally end below the knee. The dressing gown used as a symbol of wealth in turkish cinema movies is a kind of home jacket for men.

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