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The bras, dating back to medieval Europe, were used by women to protect their breasts and keep them looking beautiful. In the old days, women used to wrap their breasts with cloth. Nowadays, with the developing technology, bras models have been developed according to very different sizes and structures. Using a bra is very important for spine and breast health. Using the right bra when the female body first develops will also cause the breasts to look aesthetically more beautiful. Every woman has different breast types. For this reason, every woman should learn the structure and size of her breast and choose suitable bras. There are models such as bralet, non-support bras, functional bras, magic bras, minimizer bras, pop-up bras, strapless bras, t-shirt bras, and compression bras.
Brand: Emay
Rope Strap Stapling Toparlayıcısı Büstiyer, And Crop Top Büstiyer Women Traditionally Known As A Clothes He Chooses To Wear As Underwear. While Shaping The Women'S Waist Slightly Primary Goal İs To Compress The Breasts And Chest Upward Force İs To Push Forward By The Human Bust. You Can Easily Find ..
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Brand: Emay
Lohusa Bras, Nursing Bras, And Provides An Easy To Use Cups That Can Be Opened With Straps That Can Be Easily Opened And Closed İn A Practical Way Allows The Baby To Breastfeed. Comfortable And Practical Nursing Bras Can Be Used With Peace Of Mind For New Mothers İs Made From Healthy Materials...
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Brand: Büşra
3X Bralet Lacy Bra Panty Set, Consisting Of A Combination Of Satin And Lace The Team, Joined By A Thin Plastic Strips. Mini-Length Dress With Lace Design Elegance Joined To Form Night. With Underwired Bra Helps You Look More Upright And Fuller Breasts. Bralet Bra & Amp; Pants As You Would Use İn You..
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Brand: Anıl
Anil Support Bra Team..
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Brand: Anıl
See Additional Accessories For The Aforementioned Task To Use Additional Studs Tight Bras From The Body. Stinging Or İrritation Because The Surface Does Not Cottony. Bras Around The Corner Based On Give And Take Rapid Weight Re-Evaluate Your Face And You Can Remove The Staples Day...
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Brand: Anıl
Referred Lightweight Silicone Bra..
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Brand: Anıl
Said Push-Up Bra Panties 3-Backed Team..
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Brand: Anıl
Mentioned Adhesive Silicone Bra..
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Brand: Anıl
Strap Support - 100% Silicone..
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Brand: Moonlight
Freestanding Bra, Comfort And Thanks To Comfortable And Compatibility With A Üründür.Desteksiz Basic Bras Can Use Elegance Fondly Offer A Combination İs Selected For More Effective Appearance Gerekensüty Quality And Elegance With Which Leads To Quality, Giving You The Highest Level .Moonlight Qualit..
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Brand: Nurteks
Aided Hanging Straight Bra, You Know Your Correct Bra Size And To Make Appropriate Choices İt Makes You Feel Both Comfortable And Peaceful During The Day That You Get Both A Nice View. 75B, 80B, 85B, 90B Body Options And White, Tan, Black Color Options Are Available. Bra You Prefer, From The Stance ..
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