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Our business-to-consumer e-commerce platform is expanding its target audience. “”, which has been continuously developing its business model to the consumer by selling to individual customers, uses the e-commerce channel for wholesale. 

The wholesale platform serving under the name of “” is actively collecting demand. 

By reducing costs and operational risks, the new platform, which offers corporate customers the ability to buy in bulk, will allow manufacturers and businesses to grow by making high-volume sales. 

By completing the form with the membership and company information of SMS, registration to “” system has started after the necessary conditions for membership have been completed.  

Gathering customers and suppliers under one roof, “” aims to allow SMS to grow with the possibility of wholesale and competitive unit prices depending on the number of products purchased. 

The new platform, which provides convenience to manufacturers and businesses with advantageous cargo and transportation options, enables companies to make purchases from raw materials to semi-finished products, from spare parts to final products, and provides access to all sector groups through reliable platform options such as credit card. started the process for SMS to register with the necessary documents to become buyers, sellers or both. Please contact.